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Comprehensive Project Management Training

At Project Made Easy (PME), we provide tailored Project Management Training Services designed to equip your team with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in today's dynamic project environments. Our training program covers a broad range of Project and Program Management Tools, ensuring that your team is proficient in the latest methodologies and best practices.

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Value and Benefits of Project Management Professional Development and Training for Project Made Easy Customers:

Investing in the professional development of your project and Program Management teams is crucial for sustained business success. Here are five key reasons why: 

Enhanced Efficiency: Equip your managers with the latest skills and methodologies to streamline processes and improve project outcomes.

Innovation andd Adaptibility: Foster innovation and adaptibility enabling your team to stay ahead of industry trends and effectively tackle new challenges.

Boosted Morale and Retention: Show a commitment to your team's growth and career advancement, boosting employee morale and retention.

Consistent Quality and Best Practices: Ensure consistent quality and adherence to best practices across all projects, minimizing risks and maximizing returns.

Competitive Edge: Strengthen your organization's competitive edge, positioning you as a leader in delivering successful and impactful projects.

Wide Range of Training Topics: Our comprehensive training modules include:

Basic Topics

Understanding basic scheduling concepts, setting up the user experience, defining the status manager on project tasks, planning tasks, and assigning resources.

Training Modules

Understanding basic Scheduling Concepts

Work breakdown structure (WBS) characteristics; recommended task planning process; example schedule overview.

Setting up the User Experience

Ribbon Use; File backstage navigation; Project options definition; view adjustment.

Defining the Status Manager on project tasks

Status Manager column visibility; Status Manager field updates.

Planning Tasks

Task modes; recommended task planning process; task and ilestone creation; work and duration estimation; dependency relationships.

Assigning Resources

Resource assignment purpose; team building; resource assignments via the Task Form  view.

Intermediate Topics

Schedule construction, adjusting resource assignments, schedule baselining, and project execution.

Training Modules

Schedule Construction

Reviewing the task planning process.

Adjusting Resource Assignments

Generic-to-named resource assignment process; resource filtering via Build Team pop-up; team-level resource substitutions; resource additions/removal on existing assignments.

Defining the Status Manager on project tasks

Status Manager column visibility; Status Manager field updates.

Schedule Construction: Baselining

Baseline purpose; initial baseline capture; baseline documentation; partial baseline capture; baseline removal

Project Execution

Approving status updates; Moving incomplete work forward; Milestone completion; Adjusting remaining work and remaining duration; Adjusting predecessors and successors; Task inactivation.

Advanced Topics

Assigning cost resources, project execution adjustments, critical path analysis, and advanced concepts like determining granularity, using dependencies, task types, effort-driven tasks, and hammock tasks

Training Modules

Schedule Construction | Assigning Cost Resources

Resource types; team building with cost resources; cost resource assignment.

Project Execution

Actual cost adjustments; cost milestone completion; reports, usage, and modification; Analysing variances; variance fields and their interpretation; critical path analysis.

Advanced Concepts | Determining Granularity

The "8/80" rule defnition and benefits.

Advanced Concepts | Using Dependencies

Types of dependency relationships; lag and lead time; methods for setting up dependencies.

Advanced Concepts | Using Task Types

Components of an assignment; scheduling formula; task types and their behaviour.

Advanced Concepts | Understanding Effort Drien

Tasks effort driven vs. non-effort driven task definition and behaviour.

Advanced Concepts | Employing Hammock

Tasks hammock task definition; hammock task setup.

Project Online Topics For Project Managers

Project creation, resource assignment, project execution, and reporting using Power BI

Training Modules

Project Manager | Project Creation

Accessing Project Online; Navigating within Project Online; Creating a new project; Setting up Project Desktop; Planning tasks; Publishing a project.

Project Manager | Assignment

Assigning resources to project tasks; Reviewing resource allocations; Baselining a project.

Project Manager | Execution

Accepting timesheet status updates; Setting up auto-approval rules; Moving incomplete work forward; Adjusting remaining work and remaining duration; Adjusting other elements.

Project Manager | Reporting

Navigating within Power BI; Interacting with Power BI reports

Project Online Topics For Team Members

Accessing and navigating Project Online, viewing assigned tasks, entering and submitting time, and managing alerts and reminders.

Why Partner with Project Made Easy for your Project Management Training Needs?

Decades of Experience: Our extensive experience in project management training has equipped us with the insights and knowledge needed to provide top-tier training services.

Flexible Delivery Options: PME offers flexible delivery options to meet the demands of hybrid teams in busy and complex work environments, ensuring that training is accessible and convenient for all team members regardless of their location or schedule.

Tailored Approach: We customize our training programs to meet the specific needs of your organization, ensuring maximum relevance and impact.

Streamlined Processes: Learn to implement the most efficient project management processes and best practices, optimizing your project outcomes.

Proven Best Practices: Our training is based on proven methodologies and the latest industry standards, ensuring your team is equipped with the best tools and techniques.

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Types of Training offered

Workshops  and Seminars: In-depth training sessions focused on specific aspects of project management.

Virtual Training: Flexible and accessible training modules that can be delivered anytime, anywhere.

On-site Training: Customized training programs delivered at your locations for maximum convinience and impact.

One-on-One Coaching: Personalized coaching sessions tailored to the individual needs of your project managers. 

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