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Microsoft Power Apps Consulting Services at Project Made Easy, Inc. 

Transform Your Business with our Custom App Solutions 

Create a Seamless Employee Onboarding Experience

Automate Inventory Management 

Increase Project Management Efficiencies

Streamline Compliance and Regulatory Reporting 

Robust Health and Safety Compliance Monitoring

Comprehensive Physical & Digital Asset Management

Enhanced Customer Service & Support

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What is Microsoft Power Apps?  

Microsoft Power Apps is a low-code platform for building and deploying custom business applications. It is designed to address the growing need for rapid application development enabling organizations to rapidly and flexibly digitize and automate their processes. 

 We partner with our clients to create tailored solutions that drive tangible impact to many common business challenges.  Our team leverages their deep knowledge of Power Apps, the Microsoft Power Platform, Project Management, and Agile methodology to reduce the time and budget typically required for custom application development.

How We Can Help You Solve Many Common Business Challenges with our Power Apps Expertise: 

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Create exceptional employee experiences.


Project Management Office

Field Technician dispatch and job information 

Customer Service Representative support solutions

Increase your revenue. 

Sales enablement solutions

Sales force automation

Customer event management

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Simplify complex and cumbersome reporting, 

Compliance and Regulatory Reporting 

Health and Safety Compliance Reporting 

Financial Reporting 

Human Resource Reporting 

Improve inventory accuracy and reduce stockouts or overstock situations.




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Mitigate Risks & Enhance Workplace Safety.

Health and Safety Compliance: monitor compliance with safety protocols, report incidents, and manage safety training and certifications.

Compliance and Regulatory: compliance tracking and reporting that ensures adherence to legal and regulatory standards. 

Extend the lifecycle of physical and digital assets. 

Asset Management: track location, condition, and maintenance schedules 

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Transform Your Business with Low-Code Solutions

Why Choose Power Apps for Your Business? 

Microsoft Power Apps provides a flexible and user-friendly platform to create custom business applications tailored to your organization's specific needs and processes. With Power Apps, you can optimize workflows, boost team collaboration, and access real-time data - all without extensive technical skills.

Streamline Operations: Easily automate and optimize your business processes.

User-Friendly: No extensive technical background needed. 

Customizable: Tailor-made solutions to fit your business requirements. 

Efficient Collaboration: Improve teamwork across your organization. 

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How Can Power Apps Propel Your Business? 

Microsoft Power Apps can be a powerful tool for businesses. It drives productivity across businesses of all sizes in various ways. Here are some key areas where it can make a significant impact: 

Automate Repetitive Tasks: Save time and reduce errors. 

Enhanced Data Integration: Seamlessly connect with various data sources.

Improved Decision Making: Access to real-time data for better insights. 

Scalability: Grow and adapt the apps as your business evolves.

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Our Expertise at Project Made Easy, Inc. 

Strategic Planning: We help you visualize and plan your Power Apps journey. 

Custom Development: Our team crafts custom apps that align with your business goals. 

Seamless Integration: We ensure your Power Apps work perfectly with your existing systems. 

Ongoing Support: Our experts are here to assist you post-deployment. 


How Can Project Made Easy, Elevate Your Business with Power Apps?

Experienced Professionals: Our team is skilled in Power Apps development.

Tailored Solutions: We focus on your unique business needs.

Comprehensive Support: From planning to deployment and beyond.

Client-Centric Approach: Your success is our top priority.

Power Platform

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